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In a technology boutique, it’s always possible.

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embbed our products in yours!

In embracing the ‘everything-as-a-service’ approach, we extend all our APIs, interfaces, and support to seamlessly integrate into a brand-new journey.

transform costs into revenue

Enhance your operations with our fee automation service. We offer a streamlined solution for passing on costs and generating new revenue sources through innovative financial products.

we are not like regular BaaS providers

Digitally native core banking, designed to operate 24/7. No limitations. No legacy, and with pre-configured integration tailored to the developer experience.

tailored White Label UIs

And when your tech team is at full capacity, we go the extra mile: 100% White Label Mobile and Web Interfaces, tailored to match your country’s regulations, with reporting services.

finally, a backoffice dashboard with UX tailored for finance, support, and operations personnel.

Accounts, banking services, real-time updates, business payments, multicurrency, cross-boarder, and all the intricate details your team requires to effectively handle day-to-day operations.

Explore our global ISO 20022 financial pattern APIs with adaptable, country-specific currency fields. Innovate worldwide!

Create a customised payment gateway for embedded, digital, and card payments, including split payment options.

Innovate with our Compliance as a Service: a fully automated, tailored, and database-agnostic KYC engine for banking as a service.”

we understand that your operation isn't as straightforward as mere billing and receiving!

We meticulously assess our clients’ operations, orchestrating financial flows for

enhanced business flow optimization,

amplifying revenue, and diversifying income streams.

Banking as a Service

Payments as a Service

Compliance as a Service

White Label as a Service

Everything as a Service!


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